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Effects of Bariatric Surgery on health and well-being of children of bariatric patients
Amila Husic, MD1; Ryan Lussenden, MD2; Laura Doyon, MD3; David Brams, MD3; Dmitry Nepomanyshy, MD3
1Mayo Clinic, Phoenix AZ; 2Westside Regional Medical Center, Sunrise, FL; 3Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, Burlington, MA

Background: Bariatric surgery leads to significant weight loss and improves patientsí health by decreasing and preventing comorbidities, improving quality of life, and increasing life expectancy. In order to maximize weight loss, patients are asked to significantly change their lifestyle Ė specifically eating habits and activity level. We wanted to study if there was any transfer of healthier lifestyle habits to rest of the family, specifically children of patients undergoing bariatric surgery.

Methods: A survey was distributed to parents assessing lifestyle habits of children. Bariatric patients who were more than six months post-op were surveyed.

Results: Sixty nine patients were included in the study. Postoperatively, patients reported significantly healthier activity and eating choices of their children. They reported that their children consumed less soda and fast food and more fruits and vegetables. Patients also reported that their children were more active and that they felt they were better parents after surgery.

Conclusion:s: In addition to the positive effects on the health of bariatric surgery patients after surgery, it appears that the improvement in quality of life, activity level, and dietary choices extends to the patientís family. This study suggests that there is a significant positive effect on the children of patients undergoing bariatric surgery as far as their activity and eating habits are concerned.

  Pts lost
≥75 pounds
Pts lost
<75 pounds
Total pts
improved healthy habits
P value
Better parenting 17/26 9/27 26/53 0.0196
Healthier food stocked 23/26 24/27 47/53 0.9609
Less soft drink consumption 17/26 19/27 36/53 0.6975
Less fast food frequency 14/26 7/27 21/53 0.0378
Improved physical activity 11/26 6/25 17/51 0.1656
Improved fruit/vegetable consumption 16/26 8/23 24/49 0.0615

Table 1. Differences in outcome of childrenís activity and food choices based on the extent of parentís weight loss

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